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  1. Icons and the Web: Symbols of the Modern Age

    NDC London 2019

  2. Constructing Modern UIs with SVG

    NDC Oslo 2018

  3. Browser Invasion: Desktop Apps and the Web

    NDC Minnesota 2018

  4. Mind the Gap: Bringing Designers and Developers Together

    Prairie Dev Con 2016

  5. Zero to App Store: A Hybrid App’s Tale

    Prairie Dev Con 2016

  6. Chocolate-Covered Vegetables: Tasty Workflows with Broccoli

    Dallas Tech Fest 2016

  7. Form with Function: Adding Behavior with CSS

    NDC Oslo 2015

  8. Build a Better Bootstrap

    Øredev 2014

  9. Web Usability on a Budget

    jQuery Toronto 2014

  10. A Developer’s Guide to Design Frameworks (and More!)

    NDC Oslo 2013